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Article by Julia Gilmore for  The Kootenay Weekly Express.

There’s nothing Nelson folks enjoy more than an evening out on the town for a little culture and entertainment. If it’s a home‐grown effort, that’s even better. So when the Creston‐made indie flick Lovers In A Dangerous Time premiered at the Capitol Theatre, crowds came out in force. As the lights dimmed, the expectant crowd waited anxious yet optimistic for the evening’s sacrificial lamb. No one anticipated being so deeply affected by such an innocent Kootenay endeavour.
This film tears away little pieces of your heart while making you blush and laugh out loud. It captures the pure essence of what it is to have dreamed, and to have loved, and to have lost. Beautifully filmed amid the orchards of the Creston Valley with the backdrop of Kootenay Lake, Mark Hug and May Charters have captured an authentic story, genuine characters and true to it’s billing, a date movie for everyone. Lovers is about Todd, a local could‐have‐been who has stayed behind on the family farm while his brother established a successful career in the NHL. Allison, his childhood friend, returns for a high school reunion as a successful illustrator of children’s books, wondering what might‐have‐been. Life is a little messy and love and relationships are difficult and awkward. Beautiful moments are created in such times, things to be cherished and wistfully recalled. This film is built on those moments. Todd’s complex relationship with his brother comes to a head during a campfire game of truth or dare, while romance is awakened when Todd treats Allison to an old‐fashion, down home, Canadian bush party. Scenes unfold beneath the cherry orchards and Todd’s struggle with his own sense of lacking, break your heart while they fill you with hope. Lovers In A Dangerous Time has blown Kootenay film making wide open for the big screen. This move is just too good to miss, even if you ain’t from around here.
Julia Gillmor
The Kootenay Weekly Express.

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