Lovers in a Dangerous Time to open at AMC theaters TORONTO, April 6th 2012

Hi Folks!

Wow we never thought we would be playing ever in Toronto. But here we are it’s happening!

We want you to be there if you live in Toronto. We know it’s hard to drag yourself out to see an indie film in the Theater so if we see we will jump for joy and hug you. Well, only if it’s not awkward haha.

At the very least if you can’t make it out you would be helping us so much by going to our facebook page and simply “LIKING” our page HERE:

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OR, if you are friends on facebook already you could take a post like this one and post it to your page. And spread it to your friends.

It’s simple I promise.

You guys are all amazing, seriously I mean it!

Tell us about you and your creative endeavors and we will reciprocate all the energy and spread the word too!

Stay tuned for ticket info on AMC’s website

Here is a great short review of the film with the trailer, READ it here:

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