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Hi everyone. Well after way too long we finally have the website the way we always wanted. We loved our old one but it was a bit frustrating not being able to write and communicate with you all right from our site.  And we love doing that. So here we are. Welcome to our new site. Tomorrow we venture from Los Angeles CA, to fly to Calgary, Alberta and open our film for it’s official theatrical release. This is such a big deal for us. Getting into theater’s doesn’t always happen for indie film. So we hope you can brave the cold and venture out to your local Landmark Theatre in these cities thus far, Calgary AB, Kelowna, BC, Cranbrook BC, and where we shot our film Creston BC. Very exciting! Hope to see you there!

Other news. The DVD and CD is coming soon! We sent the artwork to press last week and they will be ready soon.

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    Love the new site. Invite your friends!

  • Saskiagould
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      Saskia, Is this you lovely? It’s been too long. I’ll send you an e-mail soon. Hope you guys are well!

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