Calgary Alberta, CBC and Calgary University

So we made it to Calgary and surprisingly it isn’t as cold as we thought it would be. Perhaps we still have some Canadian in us to withstand cold weather! I was worried that the California sun had spoiled us too much. We have had quite a few interviews last week and have many more set up for this week. We had a great time doing a radio show in Calgary for CBC radio with Russel Bowers for his show Daybreak Alberta. It should be aired this weekend on Saturday as well as a podcast  here

We will be on the GLOBAL morning show on Wednesday as well as shooting an interview on SHAW TV. We watched an episode of ELLEN this morning so we can be prepared for the interviews :)

We visited Mark’s old alma mater of The University of Calgary to promote the film. He took me to the DEN bar where he and friends had many a party. He was very sad to see that the interior had been updated and no longer looked like a old school barn bar.

Well off to walk in the snow. Write soon with pictures. ;D

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