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Hey Folks. Friday is soon approaching. Come see the film if you are in the area I promise it won’t disappoint! Here is a fun free ticket giveaway that you can tell your friends about. Help us spread the news about our film!


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Lovers in a Dangerous Time to open at AMC theaters TORONTO, April 6th 2012

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Wow we never thought we would be playing ever in Toronto. But here we are it’s happening!

We want you to be there if you live in Toronto. We know it’s hard to drag yourself out to see an indie film in the Theater so if we see we will jump for joy and hug you. Well, only if it’s not awkward haha.

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Here is a great short review of the film with the trailer, READ it here:

“Lovers” Opens in Saskatoon for One Week Run

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Happy New Year to everyone. Lovers is playing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan at the Broadway Theater for ONE WEEK

Jan 13-19th  Check here for times Broadway Theater Times

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Lovers in a Dangerous Time DVD AVAILABLE to purchase all over world. Just NOT in Eastern Canada, for now :)

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!!!

Hope it is a spooktastic evening! Check out this new article on May that the fabulous camera gear company ZACUTO did.



Lovers in a Dangerous Time DVD AVAILABLE to purchase all over world. Just NOT in Eastern Canada, for now :)

Hi Folks.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall. We are going through some new steps with the film. Yes even after all this time lovely and amazing things are still happening for us. Concerning the DVD we are announcing that as of now we are not able to sell our DVD to folks in Eastern Canada. Basically Ontario and surrounding provinces. We will let you know when this changes. But from Saskatchewan all the way west you are free to purchase it. We would really like to screen our film in Ontario and any Eastern province on a big screen so during this process the DVD will not be available. We thank all of you who have actually purchased our film. Man it means A LOT!!!

If you have any questions, want to talk to us, screen our film or just say Hi! Send us an email @

Have a great day all!!! :)

New Review of Lovers with Film Threat Magazine

Nice to wake up to a good review. Haha. And one written so well. Check it out while you enjoy wherever you are today.

Click it below,

JUNE 21, 2011 REVIEW

Video of the day

Howdy folks

It’s been awhile since we have written. But to be honest we aren’t even really sure how many people come to our site and read what we have written. So the desire  to write into the void of the blogosphere is odd. Is there anyone out there? Haha. We are looking to have affiliates that may want to advertise on our site for a time period.  This is just a simple shoutout. A proper invitation is in the works. Contact us on our contact form and we will get back to you.

Here is our video of the day. We apologize to those in Canada that may not be able to play HULU.



Lovers in a Dangerous Time DVD and CD available NOW!!!

OMG!!! The DVD and CD for Lovers in a Dangerous Time is now available folks. Get them while their hot! We put a lot of work into them. The Films encoding looks and sounds amazing. There are two extras with behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes. The CD is 8 tracks. 7 tracks are all original songs written by JBM and a great cover of Bruce Cockburn’s Lovers in a Dangerous Time by JBM. Check them out. Click on our store. Very easy process. Help us spread the word and tell your friends. Will be sending out  10 t-shirts to randomly selected people after 100 DVD’s are sold :)

Behind the Scenes of Lovers in a Dangerous Time, (sorry for swearing!)

Warning! There is swearing! Sorry for this folks:)

Ben Tsui from press1 interviews May and Mark

Interview by Ben Tsui from Press1 in Calgary, Alberta

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